Description: Dreamy track with beautiful piano and underlying bass.

Description: Fireside romance is a romantic track with piano , guitar, and brass, All that's missing is the candle light and wine.

Description: Racing comet is just that, a high potency of fast beats and racing tones. Electric.

Description: Fast, running music lines with electronic drums and screaming guitar lead into funky sounds helping a slow turtle run

Description: Taught and tense hard driving metal track with a bit of whimsical for an ending

Description: This track is a head back, struttin, swaggering song with piano and horns

Description: starts with a distorted guitar into electronic beats.

Description: Big Swagger is a bouncy, happy, foot stomping track with big horns, bass and electronic keyboard.

Description: very inspirational soothing track that makes you feel like you are floating through the ocean depths with the other sea creatures.

Description: Spanish flea is a little eratic sounding track purposely with Spanish guitars and a bright trumpet solo.

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