Description: Melodic strings and piano blend perfectly as if you were driving in the mountains with easy rain falling on your windshield

Description: This one is really funky with slapping bass, some oooooh , oooooh vocals and jazzy guitar

Description: The screamers are loose in this intense track that lets loose on the meenies in our world

Description: INTENSE hard driving adrenal rush. Constant , nonstop and heart pounding

Description: Jazzy funkadilic beat with make you dance like a fool

Description: Crazy frogs are everywhere in this guitar rich industrial track with choral background

Description: Sensual breeze is a track you could listen to while sitting on a deck looking at a sunset with a warm breeze.

Description: Very laid back Santana like vibe with Latin influence and cool electric guitar but energetic beat. Makes you happy

Description: Rockin Organ has a fast driving beat with organs and orchestra that reminds you of classic rock combined with eightees rock.

Description: A blend of funk and soul with Latin beats and soulful electric guitar. Groovy

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