Description: Drumline/Marching Band big intro

Description: Big Beat and Hip Hop meet Orchestral film score in an old west homage with real horns and a strong theme

Description: Big dramatic film score for a comedic animated sequence featuring full orchestra

Description: orchestral film score of battle. similar to lord of the rings,

Description: orchestral film score.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire with a long underscore and strong themes; featuring flute, trumpet, sax.

Description: jazz, comedy, satire or serious film score with a strong theme; featuring vibes, piano, trumpet, strings.

Description: Film orchestra 2013, starting with overdrive effected drum set; featuring "SPY" guitar on the "Blonde, Jane Blonde" melody through the first half; and Jazz Trumpet in the second half.

Description: Orchestral film score with low brass and strings on a motif and everyone else on pure horror rant.

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