Description: an americana cowboy themed orchestral film score, done in epic style, featuring trumpet, horn, strings, woodwinds, & percussion.

Description: jazzy film score of a "film noir" feel, or satirical comedy, and mood changes to a dream sequence; featuring sax and trumpet.

Description: A single orchestral bass drum hit with a big low end frequency.

Description: More Sound Design than Film Score, this percussion and sound FX dominant track tells the story of confrontation to provocation to kung fu altercation, and the hero gets the girl at the end.

Description: celeste and vibes film score in a mysterious, creepy, ethereally demonic mood.

Description: French Horns on a simple, but dramatic single note [G], suitable for a short significant moment, louder and more intense than "horn evil A".

Description: Film noir orchestra thriller based on main themes a la Alfred Hitchcock, featuring Trumpet

Description: An orchestral film score with retro spy feel featuring live instruments

Description: a jazzy film score, with mood changes, comedy, satire, on a theme; featuring sax & trumpet.

Description: Old Australian bugle solo on a comedic cartoon version of the traditional U.S. Military wake up call, Reveille.

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