Description: Old Australian bugle solo on a comedic cartoon version of the traditional U.S. Military wake up call, Reveille.

Description: A real whistling tune on a catchy old style theme with strings and piano, featuring one whistler

Description: orchestral film score on a whimsical theme with a dramatic mood and climactic end.

Description: Orchestral classic with a rockbeat that feels like a tango and can be used in a tounge-in-cheek or happy mood

Description: Film score cue written for a comedy, parody short. Orchestral instruments on a cartoon like ride that varies in mood and intensity.

Description: Spaghetti Western film orchestra cue about a plodding but plucky, over burdened donkey featuring Guitars & Percussion, then a Spanish section with Flemnco Guitar & Trumpet, then the iconic Main Theme featuring Wooden Flute & Orchestra. Finally, an orchestra flourish with Trumpet.

Description: Small orchestra on a fun romp with a curious and positive outlook. Featuring woodwinds, muted trumpet, and percussion.

Description: Orchestral film score on a humorous waddling, walk, featuring oboe and bassoon.

Description: Classic stinger ending for over the top comedic pratfalls, slaps in the face, I told you so's, or gotchas.

Description: romantic orchestral film score, about family or personal drama, with a sentimental mood.

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