Description: The official music of the President of the United States, sometimes preceded by Ruffles & Flourishes [which see]

Description: Traditional bugle [or trumpet] call usually known for just before the beginning of horse or dog races. Known as "Call To Post" for these races. Also known as "First Call", or "Pre-Reveille" in the military, when played before reveille to gather up the all buglers).

Description: The full salute and official music for the President of the United States

Description: Spanish solo Trumpet on a traditional theme in a style heard during the Olympic Volleyball or European soccer matches. Usually followed by a crowd response of "OLE".

Description: Two trumpets on the typical ta-ta-ta-taa-ta-taaaa. Heard usually during American baseball games. Audience response [not included] would be "CHARGE" after each bugle type call.

Description: U.S. Military bugle call used when the flag is raised or lowered and rendering honors to the nation, requiring the same respect as the national anthem. Featuring six trumpets, snare drum, bass drum, and crash cymbal.

Description: The traditional bugle call for the American warriors that have lost their lives in combat. Put in a more dramatic version, featuring several trumpets, snare drum , bass drum, toms, and cymbal.

Description: Spanish Trumpets on a traditional bugle type call at the beginning of bullfights or other sporting events.

Description: U. S. Military Bugle call for wake up, with three muted trombones, snare drum, bass drum, and crash cymbal.

Description: Traditional Bugle Call since the U.S. Civil War, used for rest and funerals. In this case, a close in version as in a Mausoleum funeral for immediate family members of a U. S. Marine.

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