Description: layers of guitars form an orchestra style composition. perfect for film, games web and more.

Description: a epic rock instrumetal. could be used as dramatic film or game music as well.

Description: mellow,laid back track to sit back and chillax to. perfect for film, web and more.

Description: a melodic, epic rock piece, that builds emotionally. short piece, perfect for advertizing, film, web, games and more.

Description: driving epic rock piece. perfect for film, web pages video games and more.

Description: evil sounding metal track, short piece. dark guitars with harmony. music for games, web, advertizing, film.

Description: feel good classic rock/blues rock piece. for use in film, games, flash and more.

Description: dark heavy metal/hard rock. creepy middle eastern vibe. pwerfect for film,games,flash and more.

Description: psychedelic/progressive rock tune. untraditional song structure. unique solo's and rhythms, some bongo's too! for use in film,games,web and more.

Description: driving hard rock instrumental track . strong intro/verse and a firey solo. perfect for film,games web and more.

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