Description: Highly stylized lounge-exotica track with dreamy angelic voices creating a mystical entrancing vibe.

Description: Electronica extravaganza with a glam rock vibe and Pop Art attitude. A flashy and showy arrangement with a groovy beat explores the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, high fashion and upscale advertising.

Description: Masterful cinematic music that unlocks a secret door which opens into another dimension: a dimension of incredible sound and unimaginable dreams. Enter a musical realm of both shadow and substance, a strange land next door to the Twilight Zone.

Description: Deeply expressive piano scoring music inspired by the Impressionism art movement of the late 19th-century reflecting the elements of Life & Love as perceived and experienced through the talented faculties of an artist. Designed for documentaries, epic romance, weddings, biographies, receptions and museums.

Description: Dreamy electronica with new age undertones forming a relaxing and meditative musical environment. Designed for corporate branding, upscale advertising, spas, infomercials, modern Muzak, shopping malls, business websites, atmospheric environments, documentaries and background narration.

Description: Dreamy electronica with new age and smooth jazz elements. Designed for corporate branding, upscale advertising, business websites and atmospheric environments. Jazzy and experimental with a high tech industrial lounge vibe.

Description: Angelic Celtic voices perform an entrancing rendition of the traditional English folk song and classic Yuletide melody. Heavenly music for the Christmas Season.

Description: Showbiz style hip hop instrumental with a cinematic flair. Designed for urban culture themes, Reality TV Shows, celebrity programs, inner city documentaries and genre films with blaxploitation elements. Sounds like Quincy Jones.

Description: Beatific Celtic voices (in the style of New Age artist Enya) perform an entrancing rendition of the classic Bach melody “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.” Enchanting music for wedding ceremonies, the Christmas Season, festive occasions, receptions, museums, exhibitions, spas and upscale environments.

Description: Dreamy lounge music with a cool and sophisticated cocktail vibe reflecting a swank era in American pop culture defined by jet set attitudes and a smooth blend of martini madness.

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