Description: Film scoring cue with major motion picture style orchestrations featuring big hits and dynamic passages. Similar to soundtracks like The Da Vinci Code, X-Men, National Treasure and Silence Of The Lambs.

Description: Happy Christmas Bells ring in the Holidays with joyful cheer. Based on the Christmas Classic "Jingle Bells."

Description: playful holiday fantasia ballet capturing the childish delights and wonders of christmas.

Description: Classic Hollywood Lounge Exotica music creating an enchanting background for enjoying cocktails in paradise.

Description: Modern arrangement of the traditional Holiday ballet.

Description: Dynamic dramatic music featuring intense orchestrations with big hits, punches and thrilling sequences in the tradition of Blockbuster Movies.

Description: Major motion picture style super hero theme in the tradition of Superman movies.

Description: major movie studio style horror film main title music.

Description: classic hollywood arrangement of the traditional yuletide carol featuring disney-like orchestrations.

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