Description: Ultra contemporary sci-fi music reflecting the hideous dangers and astounding phenomena of an Atomic Age. Designed for dramatic science fiction projects, zombie movies, high tech trade shows, scientific discoveries, mechanized warfare, video games and modernistic corporate presentations.

Description: Angelic Celtic voices perform an entrancing rendition of the traditional English folk song and classic Yuletide melody. Heavenly music for the Christmas Season.

Description: Deeply expressive romantic music with a film noir vibe in the style of a Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack. Sexy, slick and dreamy with a Classic Hollywood feel. Think Valentine’s Day, lingerie, seductive and passionate love making.

Description: Cool and sophisticated lounge music featuring a Classic Hollywood soundtrack arrangement in the style of Michel Legrand's film score to the major motion picture The Thomas Crown Affair.

Description: Relaxing and soothing mood music with a stylish kitsch flair. Designed for leisure and lifestyle themes, resorts and vacations, hotel lobbies, Muzak, elevator music, in-store music, shopping malls, retro and vintage pop culture.

Description: Seductive cinematic music with a neo-noir vibe in the style of Jerry Goldsmith’s provocative score to the erotic thriller Basic Instinct. Sensuous, dreamy, and spacious. Elegantly entrancing for romantic drama, passion and seduction with an alluring and mysterious quality.

Description: Big movie studio style action-adventure theme in the tradition of blockbuster spy films. A musical mix of symphonic & electro elements reflect a dangerous world filled with high tech espionage and fanatical terrorism. Epic dramatic music designed for movie trailers, video games and military themes.

Description: A musical mix of orchestral and techno elements reflecting the secretive aspects of cyberspace and computer science. Designed for forensic programs, investigative reports, corporate videos, medical research, science, crime, espionage, video games, Internet web pages & high tech industrial projects.

Description: Dynamic action-adventure cue featuring big rips, gripping musical passages and thrilling sequences in the tradition of blockbuster movies. Bold orchestrations include big growling brass and sensational movie trailer elements. Designed for video games, action films, police dramas and trailers.

Description: Glamorous, energetic pop track reflecting the glitz and appeal of the Hollywood lifestyle. Designed for use in celebrity news, fashion shows and entertainment programs. Also suitable for corporate branding, upscale advertising, infomercials, muzak, music on hold, trade shows and cooking shows.

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