Description: A slightly 'off' sounding theme, would do well in a disturbing nursery rhyme. Features some children singing and strange background noises.

Description: A pretty dramatic but beautiful piece sung by some children. Contains amazing organ and lush strings.

Description: Starts off quiet with a floaty strange ambience, then steadily builds up with heartbeat style beats to a climax of silence. Loud beats and rhythms then surprise and give way to a key-change and final loud ending.

Description: a short waltz in a minor key.

Description: A very full-on analog synth atmosphere piece. Reminiscent of Vagelis.

Description: this piece starts out childishly, but develops to end chillingly.

Description: A haunting orchestral piece that gives the impression of a large forest, or expanse of green land. It has Celtic elements, such as the harp.

Description: opening theme of a war-oriented film or game.

Description: A nice and slow harpsichord piece in a late Baroque style, reminiscent of Bach.

Description: Starts off with a single synth note, then is cut into with sharp shards of strange chords, which are jarring. The sharp chords keep returning, making the atmosphere more and more unsettling. It ends with uncertainty.

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