Description: a nice long ethnic-oriented electronic ambient piece with native american flute solo in the middle.

Description: this piece was written as an end-credits piece for a thriller movie.

Description: A badass piece originally written as an Art piece. Would suit maybe a girl's rampage in a movie. Just a suggestion :D Has lots of attitude. Watch your volume!

Description: a fast paced piano-based dance track, highly original with a great beat and some dramatic strings.

Description: A piece of music that builds with an ethereal quality. Played by piano and string quartet. Would suit emotional montage.

Description: an atmospheric but very sentimental piano piece.

Description: Starts off with a single synth note, then is cut into with sharp shards of strange chords, which are jarring. The sharp chords keep returning, making the atmosphere more and more unsettling. It ends with uncertainty.

Description: An extensive rich piece with piano and strings. Builds to two tasteful crescendos. Has a hopeful as well as thoughtful mood.

Description: An Eastern-influenced piece. Very nice percussion, vocals and strings.

Description: A light-hearted jaunty piece that picks up to a crescendo of rhythmic drumming.

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