Description: fairyland Alice in Wonderland fascinating composition with guitar, percussion, piano Russian balalaika and many other fabulous sound that takes you to the main characters of the composition on a trip to dreamland, ideal for video, performance, homework zastvaok, videos, and other work with fabulous images

Description: night sailing, wave, space, enchanting sounds of the guitar follows the listeners into the world of childhood memories. Ideal for video and other creative visual effect it with the sea and the elements

Description: "Tale of the Wind", the next part of the trilogy of plays "Yaroslavna crying. Strong and powerful Russian poem created in true Slavic music tells the mode wind as the main character, the fate of Prince Igor and the heavy burden of the Russian people living under occupation in the Tatar-Mongol take part in the composition of the national-Siberian throat singing, bells, percussion, shamanistic spells and of course acoustic guitar

Description: acid-rock song in the spirit of the old rock 70's taped, emotional and very modern interpretation of acid jazz, funk and rock. Sounds accompanied by a horn section and rhythm gruppy.Ochen well suited for installation on the hippies, old rock, LSD culture, modern video and film work

Description: Crying Yaroslavna-old Russian epic set out on an acoustic guitar, beautiful melodies will carry the listener into an unforgettable adventure. Really fits the video, design works with movies

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