Description: Spring rain-drops of rain as the violin pizzicato rhythm rain hitting the leaves of trees and ends with a large shower in the execution of a large symphony orchestra!

Description: Colorful images in the processing of classical music and modern electronic instruments

Description: Royal fanfare with Scottish bagpipes and the orchestra of the drummers

Description: clock ticking time goes exactly 60 seconds + music for guitar ideal for video backgrounds in terms of hours

Description: morning, dawn, the sun rises a new day begins. well suited as a way for video and presentations

Description: Spring tree leaves open arms pierced by a good sense of rebirth, Teamwork his play on the acoustic guitar solo? litle jazz ballade

Description: people in business suits rushing spinning globe in the rhythm of 120 and in the performance of African kalimba,

Description: bright picture of the Russian winter played on acoustic guitar Russian composer. blizzard, snowstorm Russian folk festivals, bells, a cart pulled by horses is fast on snowy roads gay audience

Description: gentle quivering youthful love confession played on an acoustic guitar

Description: time ago - expand time ago. Take a look ... acoustic guitar upside down opposite plus sound effects and you are in the past

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