Description: piano ballad with live cello accompaniment. Dripping with emotion. Keep a kleenex handy.

Description: Turning on the cordless phone, dialing a number, 4 rings, then hang up.

Description: same as 'Be Careful' but hit sounds removed. just pure drones. huge bass sound. less high end. eerie and suspenseful soundbed. Not created as a loop version, but can easily be used as loop with simple editing. See other versions for massive percussive hits.

Description: Open your eyes to reveal the glories of our world. Inspirational piano/acoustic guitar track. Downright uplifting!

Description: lovely solo piano version of the childhood song known by the entire world. A very "Jim Brickman" sound. Gentle, soft bedtime lullaby. Other mixes available here (hammered dulcimer, clarinet).

Description: Piano sound effect, a G major interval played rapidly. A shorter edit of my sound effect, 'Piano Echo'.

Description: An acoustic petition to a higher power. Ringing acoustic guitar rhythm track and lead acoustic guitar part, with bass and a delicate synth string pad. See also other mixes and loop form of this track.

Description: piano and orchestral strings. The music says love, regret, lonely--but would do it all over again.

Description: The sound of pushing the numeric buttons on a cordless phone during a phone call.

Description: Solo piano ballad instrumental version of the full length vocal song. Has a flowing, rolling feel to it.

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