Description: piano and string pad ballad, melodic. ASCAP title # for this composition: 343323951.

Description: piano based love song ballad wtih male vocals. Gentle and tender. Lyrics=this guy is INTO this girl in a HUGE way. piano/acoustic guitar and soaring male vocals. lyrics inspired from part of the book of wisdom. ASCAP title number for this composition is 880564232.

Description: a piano/vocal ballad with live cello. lyrics about adopting a dog from an animal shelter.

Description: piano ballad with vocals. wistful lyrics about missing your someone special. How far would you drive for love? ASCAP Title Number for this composition is 880564202.

Description: Tiptoes. Hold your breath. Hands trembling. Look out! 30 seconds of haunting suspense.[Not 31 seconds as listed here. It's 30 sec of actual music]. Builds to HUGE ending. Eerie drones/shimmering synths/percussion. You want this track when the killer is sneaking up ready to strike the victim. Easy fit for a Suspense Film Trailer. WARNING-huge bass! See other versions of this track--with and without percussion elements.

Description: piano, strings, woodwinds, percussion. soft sounding, but still a touch of ominous feeling from low end of piano.

Description: piano/strings/woodwinds. soft sounding, but still a touch of ominous feeling from low end of piano.

Description: same as 'Be Careful' but hit sounds removed. just pure drones. huge bass sound. less high end. eerie and suspenseful soundbed. Not created as a loop version, but can easily be used as loop with simple editing. See other versions for massive percussive hits.

Description: Piano ballad with brief acoustic guitar passage. Cuddle beneath a warm blanket with that special someone--it's romance time. A gentle piano ballad with feeling.

Description: Solo piano ballad instrumental version of the full length vocal song. Has a flowing, rolling feel to it.

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