Description: Powerful and beautiful ambient track with deep drums, calm pads, spacious fx and glittery synths.

Description: Powerful Rock ballad, mellow and beautiful yet contemporary. Excellent for various presentations and projects. Lots of pianos, guitars, drums and bass, strings, pads, etc

Description: Beautiful and melancholic lounge track with lots of rhodes, piano, acoustic guitars, bass, strings and glittery synths and pads. Romantic and playful this chill out track its a must have in your collection since works magic in various presentations, documentaries and even listening.

Description: Ambient post-rock track kinda shoe gaze meets alternative. Lots of electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, synths, fx. Very mellow, slow yet beautiful and melancholic. Excellent for background music in documentaries, films and various projects.

Description: Beautiful chillout / ambient lounge spa music, extremely sexy and relaxing, soothing and calm. Lots of mellow pianos, upright bass, loops, delay and fx! Works magic in just about every chillout project and listening.

Description: Alternative post-rock track, with a strong shoe gaze and country influences. Very slow and mellow but beautiful and melodic. Lots of slide and electric guitars, bass drums, rhodes and piano. A must have for your ambient rock collection!

Description: Beautiful, melancholic yet melodic ambient glitch, powerful and emotive. Very chill out, avant-garde with pianos, rhodes, synths, and lots of distortions, scratches and glitches. Excellent for various presentations and listening.

Description: Lo Fi ambient chillstep, airy, epic and beautiful. You will find bells, pianos, glittery synths, pads, lo fi drums and even some vinyl crackles in this ambient/chillout/lounge track. Excellent for off the wall presentations, documentaries, videos, presentations, etc.

Description: Ambient chillout track, very uplifting and melancholic yet powerful and emotional with piano, lotsa synths, arpeggios and ballad drums. Excellent for presentations, movies, documentaries, and of course listening. Relax... and dream...and don't forget to rate it.

Description: Emotional and mystical Violin piece. Lots of spacial reverbs. Excellent for dramatic movie trailers and documentaries and off the wall presentations. Thanks for listening

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