Description: Beautiful and positive radio pop track feat Kate Walsh. Lots of Fx, synths, cutting edge pads and leads. It's got an unforgettable melody and tons of positive vibes. Excellent for positive videos and presentations. Rate it if you like it. Cheers!

Description: Futuristic glitch step on the ambient side, packed with cutting edge fx, filthy drums, beautiful pads, exotic synths and earth shattering basses. Excellent for various presentations and listening. Check out my portfolio for more tracks like this.

Description: Beautiful Ambient Piano Piece, melancholic and sad. works very well in various presentations, movie scores and listening

Description: Beautiful uplifting progressive house, with lots of chord progressions, pads, filtered fx. Suitable for web and after effects presentations but also for listening and dance floors.

Description: Positive electronic rock, extremely happy and bright with lots of guitars, organs, bass, lush pads and sexy synths. Excellent for motivational videos, good vibes and spreading positivity!

Description: Dub Space beat, very chilled out, dirty and gritty but yet very melodic. works well in various presentations. have a listen

Description: Melancholic ambient dubstep track, on the chillout side, full of guitars, pianos, beautiful pads and fx and a powerful sub-bass. Works magic in various presentations. Have a listen and please rate it should you like it.

Description: Beautiful Ambient Electronica with cutting edge synths and fx. Very danceable and beautiful works for various projects, web, documentaries, movies, etc. Have a listen and rate it if you like it!

Description: Music Box melody, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and pads, excellent for romantic and melancholic scenes.

Description: Bright, positive and motivational track, filled with lush pads, bells and piano, electric guitars, bass and drums. Excellent for positive presentations and uplifting projects.

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