Description: Another positive and uplifting disco funk, on the french side with strong indie dance influence, with lotsa synths, funky guitars, arpeggios, excellent for fashion shows, presentations, bumper music, advertising, dance floors, etc.

Description: Dark underground techno a bit on the tech side of house; smooth progression with lots of percussion, fx, pads and sidechained atmosphere. Works very well on the dance floors.

Description: Dark and mysterious cinematic atmosphere, deep and powerful. Very spacey and suspenseful, works in various dark and dramatic projects. Excellent for movie trailers, Halloween, dramatic After Effects presentations, etc. It's made out of deep drones, low rumbles, distorted pads and fx, cinematic percussion and drums. This is the full version, with drums. I have another version only with drones. Check it out!

Description: Positive pop rock house track, contemporary and radio ready with lots of high energy and feel good vibes. Lots of guitars and dance FX. Excellent for business and corporate presentations, videos, documentaries, film, etc.

Description: Music Box melody, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and pads, excellent for romantic and melancholic scenes.

Description: Powerful and emotional chillout ballad, very slow and mellow featuring the beautiful voice of Kate Walsh. Lotsa pads, acoustic guitars, drones and fx. Enjoy and please leave feedback!

Description: Uplifting, happy and very positive jingle, with lotsa bells, guitars, wurlitzer, drums, bass, piano, shakers and tambourines. Works very well for spot advertising, presentations, Christmas jingle, kids music, etc

Description: Dark and suspenseful cinematic trailer music, very deep, and emotional, excellent for movie and gaming scoring, but useful also in presentations.

Description: Powerful piano dubstep track with lost of twisted basses and piercing synths. Lots of fx and epic breakdowns.

Description: Cinematic drums, music for operations, dramatic battles and war scenes. Would also work for a march of armies, an intrigue or as movie trailer music. For pulsating action scenes, trailers, pounding chase sequences, documentaries and various presentations.

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