Description: Happy and motivational electronic track, excellent for Corporate presentations, advertising music, spots, commercials and after effects projects. Lots of synths and fx, very colorful, bubbly, sparky and glittery. There are some pads, acoustic guitars, piano and even distorted synths.

Description: Positive and uplifting disco funk, on the french side with strong indie dance influence, with lotsa synths, funky guitars, arpeggios, excellent for fashion shows, presentations, bumper music, advertising, dance floors, etc.

Description: Positive energy piano big room anthem, very dynamic, melodic with an unforgettable melody on the electro side of things! Lots of fun!

Description: Surreal Ambient masterpiece, mellow, deep and emotional, excellent for movie scoring, documentaries, trailers, AE projects, openings and of course.... meditation.

Description: Dreamy and exotic Arabic Violin soundscape drenched in reverb and subtle delay. Very powerful, moving and deep it works magic in documentaries and movies but it works also for listening.

Description: Funky Breaks, dynamic and uplifting, good for flash intro, web music, club music, documentaries, etc. Very funky , positive, quirky and fun

Description: Beautiful ambient chillstep track, on the new age side, excellent for spa and lounge relaxation and awesome for video presentations and documentaries. Lots of harps, cellos, piano, electric guitar, lush pads and avant-garde synths make this track a must have four your collections. Check out my other ambient tracks if you like this one! Thank you

Description: Ambient pianos and ethnic percussion, along with electronic pads and drones, fade into an atmospheric and somewhat dark and tense intro creates a very dramatic, exciting and powerful sounding film trailer music track. Suitable for all kinds film and tv footage, grand action adventure and videogame related contents, epic and dramatic visuals and cinematic contents in general.

Description: Epic movie trailer soundtrack, dark, mysterious, avant-garde. Lotsa twisted violins, tribal percussion, drones and glitches. Excellent for cinematography, trailers, web, animations, combat games, presentations, etc.

Description: Tech House track, dark but danceable, good for the dance floors but not only! Glitched vocals, bass, fx rip the dance floor. Headbanger

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