Description: Very positive, danceable, uplifting and summery vibe - Piano big room house, very commercial like with a very stylish clubby footprint, excellent for all kinds of presentations and web. Lots of pianos, Spanish guitars, synths, fx, uplifters, downlifters and beautiful melody.

Description: Piano, mallets and bells piece, excellent for advertising music, but suitable for presentations and web.

Description: Progressive Trance, very dynamic and powerful with lots of fx, bass, leads and pads. Works magic in various presentations where fast paced music is required. Check out my portfolio for more tracks like this.

Description: Dark, powerful and very intense action trailer music. Lots of drums, impacts, effects. Excellent for pulsating action scenes, trailers, pounding chase sequences, etc.

Description: Wonderful ambient trip hop track, with guitars and bells and pads, excellent for various presentations and listening. Very mellow and melodic it is suitable for various projects and presentations. Please check out my portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy and please rate it if you like it.

Description: Positive and uplifting disco funk, on the french side with strong indie dance influence, with lotsa synths, funky guitars, arpeggios, excellent for fashion shows, presentations, bumper music, advertising, dance floors, etc.

Description: Super positive, bright and fun track with lots of bells, ukulele, acoustic guitars, mandolin, steel pan, strings, piano, bass and drums. Works magic for various projects, TV ads, presentations, commercials, etc.

Description: Percussive movie trailer sting, excellent for hi energy action, suspense, horror, etc. Lots of taiko drums and orchestral percussion, violin stings and fx. Please check out my cinematic collection for more goodies and don't forget to rate it should you like it.

Description: Thriller Strings and drone is a classic thriller soundbed excellent for spooky projects. Halloween and Horror classic

Description: Dramatic orchestral hit for trailers, movie/film or computer game. Also fits for cartoons/animation, radio, podcasts and any other audiovisual media. Useful as a transition effect as well

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