Description: Famous plaza in the heart of Lisbon, on a rainy Friday afternoon. Tourists and locals going about their business mingle despite the weather.

Description: Close up of waves from a bay rolling into an area with a retaining wall and a small beachfront. Crisp crashing and splashing.

Description: Ambiance from the patio of a resort room. Overlooking the outdoor pool, street, and harbor. Mostly sounds of nearby machinery humming.

Description: Crowd gathering on a suburban Independence Day parade route.

Description: Waves lapping against an old tidal mill.

Description: Quite evening on a quaint European backstreet. Cars pass on the cobblestone road and families are out walking and talking.

Description: As heard from a viewing blind in an urban park. Many large flocks of birds,

Description: From a viewing blind in an urban park. A freshwater pond with different birds, including ducks slashing about, and frogs.

Description: Quiet urban courtyard. Low buzz and hum of nearby machinery masks almost all of the street noise that tries to get in.

Description: An adult male Persian cat meowing, somewhat aggressively.

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