Description: About 70 kids, mostly boys, at a party in school gymnasium. occasional adult voice, otherwise just loud kids fun!.

Description: Typical din of a convention exhibit floor, track starts with a greeting on the left, voices and din continue throughout.

Description: walking through the park with voices, traffic, laughing going on around.

Description: one-on-one basketball game on city asphalt court with rims, no nets. buses, trains, trucks pass by. dribbling, ball hitting the rim. somewhat closer to players.

Description: A commuter diesel train passes by a grade crossing. Gates are down, bells are ringing. This train runs in reverse when going into town!.

Description: using a wedge to hit a ball in short rough.

Description: teeing off with a large head metal driver.

Description: unscrewing the cap from an empty 2 liter plastic soda bottle.

Description: double decker tourist bus ride on a uk highway. cars and other vehicles passing on the right. hum of tires on the road. pretty quiet.

Description: group of children having fun in st. james's park playground, adult voices as well.

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