Description: hip hop R&B at its best. Banging drums and blazing synths and arpeggios.

Description: Blazing Hot urban R&B soul, and ghetto hip hop.

Description: Street gutter instrumental that can easily become a ghetto anthem with the elements of old school to new school.

Description: Bringing Orchestration and hip-hop together in the lab to formulate the Trackhedz signature "Tron-Style" music which as you hear is undeniable.

Description: Rappers get ready for the battle scene, dancers get ready to rip the floor, this is an "off The Hook" hip-hop beat that takes you on a musical roller coaster ride in my "Tron_Style" flavor of beat maker.

Description: A smooth yet moving urban R&B instrumental that brings you the element needed in a love scene, bar, or club.

Description: And yet another hot as fire, urban hip hop instrumental, meant to set the mode in your mp3 player, if you want to pimp your ipod this will surely do it.

Description: Another trunk banger, head nodding, body shaking hip hop instrumental which introduces my new "Tron-Style" music, captivating and timeless.

Description: Top ten radio sound-a-like instrumental that fits with today's hottest hip hop music.

Description: Blazing hot with the vibe that sticks, it will play over and over in your head.

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