Description: a clangy sound with echo and some steps on leaves.

Description: a few bells shaken in front of a stereo pair of mics.

Description: one step with very long reverberant tail.

Description: the sound of a harmonica in a very reverberant tunnel.

Description: sixteen bars of electro folk a vocoded didgeridoo, darboula and sticky guitar riff, korg seven O seven drums and boss dr fivefifthy vintage audio samples. the first eight bars have full on drums while the next are a break with and end drum roll

Description: slow ambient percussive piece with bass harmonic sounds arpeggios, resonant sub bass line and synth atmospheres, slow filtering and rhythmic delays.

Description: slow piece with piano chords developing in a rich delay ambiance, an underpinning synth pad and a tentative cello part, sad and evocative.

Description: a scary ambiance of synthesizer pads and noises with distant bells and bird sounds. a legato melody is heard in the distance.

Description: trashy 12 bar blues in c major, twice through with an end turnaround.

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