Description: Coming Home is a powerful mid tempo song of triumph. Acoustic Guitars played in a powerful Celtic style, large horn section driving bass and drums with the flute coming in and out. The song make you stand to attention.

Description: This mid tempo somewhat epic song conjurers up a mood of frolicking in the great forest of the world the percussion is a very prominent and drives the song. The big horn section sets the stage of majesty like the rains down in Africa and the great forest of South America.

Description: Lovers Rendezvous is a laid back slow tempo smooth jazz piece. The sweet sound of the live sax and acoustic piano. This is truly a romantic love song. Picture two lovers hand in hand by the moon light. Their hearts beating to the timing of the drums.

Description: Old Friend has somewhat of a nostalgic feel of a long lost friends the song is a mid tempo acoustic guitar with the flute being the lead instrumental, accompanied by lush strings and vocals. Platinum Auddy winner

Description: As night begins to fall you and your best girl go out on the town for a time of romance and fun. The lights ,the music, and smell of the crisp clean air,with expectations of an exciting evening ahead . Night Fall is a mid tempo smooth jazz piece. With vocals live sax. Platinum Auddy winner

Description: This song is a relaxing, moving track. With the feel of a romantic walk along a moonlit beach. With waves gently brushing the shoreline.Ocean breeze is a sweet and moving piece featuring acoustic guitars accompanied by lush strings.

Description: Sir Paul McCartney wrote I just plain adore that ballroom dancing. This is a song you might hear played in a ballroom setting. Very flowing and sophisticated. This song came in as a semi finalist in the 2009 UK International songwriting contest

Description: As morning breaks and the sun begins to replace shadow with it's splined radiant rays a new day unfolds. The song Day break is a perfect portrayal of this magic event. This 1st place award winning song is performed by Cellist Nick Curry, vocals Janet Planet and bassist John Gibson.

Description: Sometimes you wish things could stay the same or The Way It Was This is a tender nostalgic song with a slight Celtic feel. The lead instrument is a live Penny Whistle masterfully played by Jim Farrelly with live Cello, Viola and Violin performed by Nick Curry and Kyle Wehner.

Description: En Mai has the feel of afternoon stroll in the French countryside on a beautiful day in May. Performed by renown Cellist Nick Curry accompanied by Guitarist Sandy Williams.

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