Description: Swinging jazzy beat with synth parts and features a piano part reminiscent of an old-style player piano.

Description: Wishing for the object of your affection to phone you up. Song production incorporates sound effects reminiscent of todays mobile phone sounds as well as traditional land line telephones.

Description: Upbeat dance tune featuring a sitar and evoking an Indian/Bollywood feel.

Description: Uptempo electronic dance number is angst filled song about breaking free and moving on to a better place in life.

Description: Mid-tempo swinging jazz number reminiscent of Peggy Lee's "Fever".

Description: Upbeat dance tune with added orchestral instruments evoking an ethereal feel.

Description: Upbeat mid-tempo song blending orchestral and electronic instruments/textures.

Description: Encourage listeners to view life from a different perspective and to "listen to your heart" as we approach life in an increasingly complicated world.

Description: Angst filled song about breaking free and moving on to find ones place in life.

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