Description: man says "yeah" in a low voice. other men clap. about 10 men.

Description: Group of about ten men laugh. Chatter going on.

Description: light is switched on, blinks a few times, comes fully on/buzzes, switched off.

Description: a man doing heavy breathing/snoring.

Description: A background for an eerie mad scientists lab, or perhaps aboard an alien spaceship--and the aliens are out to get you.

Description: a bubbling cauldron effect. could also be used for mad scientist lab.

Description: man says, "can i get an amen?" guys agree and applaud.

Description: chunks of fist-sized limestone rocks impacting against the ground. good rubble sounds.

Description: fist-sized chucks of rock impact a pile of dirt.

Description: Boiler room sound, something deep underground. Pipes rattle.

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