Description: Slow, orchestral strings piece with a mournful sound and mystery harp. Cinematic, A creepy and nervous thriller/chiller underscore. Uncertainty, tension. Eerie, dark, sinister and brooding track. perfect for cemetery scene at midnight, Mysterious, vampires, werewolves, haunted house.

Description: Mysteriously cold, dark and eerie music for your productions. Perfect for murder mysteries, graphic adventure video games and more. Horror and suspense music. Ominous, dark, suspensful instrumental orchestral track. Great for credits, soundscape, credits. scary track! Dramatic Music, Dark Music

Description: Upbeat, Fun and joyfull Pop Rock track. Friends style TV theme. A very happy whistle melody and a nice groove. Featuring electric guitars, bass and drums. Great for TV Theme tunes, websites, DVD's and reality tv, corporate, sports, beach party, teens tweens, families kids. Happy lucky vibes.

Description: A light, airy, meditative, ethereal new-age-style piece featuring solo piano and Atmospheric background. it makes the listener feel like he or she is floating on a cloud. Can be used for spa treatment music. Poetic, romantic, melancholy and tender creating relaxing and soothing mood music.

Description: reggaeton, latin, Hot beats, catchy hook, quirky melody. Edgy intercity themes, raves, clubbing, dancing, hot cars, action, prison breakout, spying, CSI, collecting crime evidence, interlude, cue, trailer, Latin ambience, travel, Caribbean, beaches, boutique hotels, high fashion, catwalk.

Description: An etherial mind trip. ambient, trip hop beat, double bass and slide guitars grow up in a beautiful and disturbing soundscape. Supernatural. It is moody and atmospheric. Work well as film underscore, documentary, science, space, video games, soundtracks, dvd's, websites, corporate, documentaries, tv, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Dark Music

Description: Argentinian "villera" cumbia, night club in South Beach or a Caribbean Island. Fun, Ritmo, synths, Piano, Percussion, Energetic, Flowing. Sultry exotic, romantic drama, Latino passion. Feiry exotic and fun. urban nightclub, floor show, couples dancing, bar lounge, making love. Sexy accordion

Description: Fresh, funky and catchy track. Quirky, crazy and kitschy performed on wha clavinet, organ, percussion, bass and drums. ideal for lifestyle, kids, comdey and home improvement shows. Light, bright, funky, reggae and funny. Relaxed and chilled vibe through-out! instrumental

Description: Sizzling party Salsa with hot burning percussion and loads of sensual exotic flavor for your production. Also features bass, piano and brass! great for commercials with for a flavour of South America, travel shows, documentaries, vacation and holiday specials. Wild, fiery and fun. latin. salsa.

Description: Pizzicato strings and percussion give it a touch of playful sneaky suspense. neaky and playfully mischievous soundtrack, great for romantic comedies, family sitcoms, youth/teen romance shows, children’s programs, cross-cutting scenes and more. Well suited for humorous snooping around scenes.

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