Description: A repetitive serene celeste pattern is beautifully complemented by strings which fade and pan. Because of its simplicity, not despite it, this excerpt is perfect for many settings.

Description: This is a version of Serene Celeste and Strings with sub-bass and reverb added to make it more atmospheric/ambient.

Description: This is a seamless loop of the celeste part only from Serene Celeste and Strings.

Description: A short, simple, yet effective audio logo, using only two chords.

Description: A simple, shot, yet effective audio logo using only two chords featuring piano, guitar and effects.

Description: This clip features a slow, repetitive piano combined with light flutes, bass drum, and violins. The star attraction of this clip is the erhu, which solos over the repetitive pattern. While the erhu is most often heard in Chinese music, its sometimes-haunting voice-like timbre fits just right to evoke a variety of mixed emotions.

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