Description: Inspirational piano paired with motivational strings. Ideal for corporate or inspirational videos.

Description: Cheerful ukulele song with marimba, music box and piano. Great for a commercial or uplifting video.

Description: Suspenseful dark ambient track with a spooky atmosphere. Would work great in a thriller or horror video.

Description: Cheerful rock track with electronic elements. Perfect for a cheerful, positive video or commercial.

Description: Fast paced ethnic and orchestral drums. Would be great for an action scene in a movie or video, for example.

Description: Suspenseful and fast orchestra action music. Perfect for an exciting or dangerous action scene in a movie or video.

Description: Chilling ambient and drums track. Would work great as a background in a coporate image film, for example.

Description: Modern epic orchestra theme. Has a melancholic but powerful atmosphere. Would work great in an epic movie scene/trailer or inspirational video.

Description: Emotional hollywood strings and piano. Perfect for a moving love scene in a movie or an inspirational video.

Description: Energetic and cheerful rock music track. Would work great in an uplifting video or in a commercial ad.

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