Description: Straight Up Trap # 4 is a mash up of hip hop beats and trap beat breaks featuring glitch sounds,sub bass,edm drops and builds as well as a division of musical instruments playing in both full and half time..

Description: Straight Up Trap # 3 focuses on multiple raw dirty beats with an uplifting vocal snip that rolls into a fancy edm cinematic groove.

Description: Straight Up Trap # 2 is a raw based trap production with multiple hard hitting beats over a solid synth hook,drops builds and a trance synth hook over 808 beats section.

Description: Straight Up Trap # 1starts with feel good melody pads and a vocal snip that creeps into a rich R and B Pop Trap groove with major string hooks,big bass,fat pads, dubstep effects,drops and builds,micro edits and special filter effects.

Description: Electro Trap Glitch Mash Up is inspired by eighties electro,trap,hip hop,glitch and house containing multiple drum sounds over deep bass lines,effect pads and vocal snippets..

Description: Future Trap 3am Mix # 9 contains a major trap synth hook that plays throughout the track being transposed along with an increase in intensity stacking instruments over a solid trap beat,varied hi hat patterns and big sub decimator bass.

Description: Future Trap 7am Mix # 8 is a half time trap production using 808 drums featuring snare and hi hat triplet tricks and a decimated sine sub tone over futuristic sounds and a catchy opera type melody hook..

Description: Trap Anthem Grime Mix # 7 starts with dark elements like low horns and deep mysterious pads and then smashes into a full fat trap string frenzy featuring live mix moves that creates dynamic intensity, contains multi drum sounds including live ones..

Description: Pop Future Trap # 6 contains a section of pop driven piano groove with heavy bass over straight dance drums that breaks into a rich section of epic strings with dramatic trap beats alternating with the pop section.

Description: Anthem Future Trap 2am Mix # 5 starts with a dark mysterious trap groove and then drops into a a straight piano as the set up into an epic production of strings,pads,synth hooks using wave table,hybrid polyphonic,tube machine,advanced spacial digital,wave sequence and variable phase modulation synthesizers over swing multi pattern trap beats..

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