Description: Top Billboard High Energy Club # 9 is a piano driven track with energetic beats that intensifies musically using rich complimentary instruments and a catchy hypnotic hook line perfect for a female vocal production hit..

Description: Top Billboard Retro Pop # 8 is influenced by eighties pop, disco infused and retro music featuring rich gated keyboards and intense synth pads along with modern sounds..analog type mix moves and drops..

Description: Top Billboard Electronic Dance Pop # 7 is inspired by pop, electronic dance, dance hall and electro mixing well with the current billboard charts in the dance genre..

Description: Top Billboard Dance Hall Pop Groove #6 is a pop dance hall track with multi deep retro bass lines and dance hall beats along with a calypso metal drums..

Description: Top Billboard Pop Electro Rock # 5 is a pop,electro,hip hop,trap and rock inspired track with hip hop rock beats and a combination of rock,retro and pop musical elements featuring sustained pads,strings and electric guitar type sounds..

Description: Top Billboard Electronica Pop Dance #4 is an organ driven perky electronic dance groove with choppy synth pads,poppy drop turn a rounds and upbeat beats and percussion..

Description: Top Billboard Dance Hall Pop # 3 is a dance hall pop track that is 163bpm and vibes half time with beautiful drops that twirls into dance beats with hip trap elements.

Description: Top Billboard Pop Dance Grooves # 2 is a pop,trap,disco,edm retro dance infused groove that goes well with the current top billboard sounds of today..

Description: Top Billboard Pop Dance Grooves # 1 is a disco infused dance pop and trap-pop groove that mixes well with the current top billboard tracks..

Description: TRAPgasmic # 10 is a 152bpm played in half time melodic treat featuring heavy horns that builds into a rich melodic hip hop pop musical piece with a combination of trap and hip hop funky beats featuring 808 drops..

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