Description: This is Track#2 from my Trap series of 10 tracks-contains 808 drums+raunch pulse bass,low sub bass,techno synth,twinkle toy melodies,stabs/strings,wild edits tricks and glitch effects.

Description: Royal Trap # 5 starts with an energetic edm key line with movin hats,pad swells and synth stabs into a drop fill hard hitting trap beat with big orchestra hits..contains a drop of just 808 beats back into an edm drop into the hard hitting trap beats..

Description: this is a choppy piano track with strings and pads layered over funky house drums with drops.

Description: Grime Trap # 9 starts with mysterious overtones over a pitched sub bass into a straight hard beat with fancy 808 snare multi hits,live bass,deep horns and low pitched voice effects..

Description: this is track 1 from a series of 10 Inspirational hip hop trap tracks. Contains lifted choir voices around big bass,distorted guitars,a super energetic hi hat pattern over hard trap drums..

Description: Bass Boosted Trap # 9 starts with a perky hook using a monophonic synchronized synth and then dressed up with wave table and polyphonic chop synths over a hard hitting trap beat with deep sub bass frequencies.

Description: This is track 1 from my Groove loops collection. Massive loop sound with bass,glitches and a funk edge.

Description: This is track 2 from my special Groove Loops collection. A full track loopable that contains bass,pads,guitar,glitches over a smooth but tough beat

Description: Trap Wavestation 9 starts with a catchy magnetic hook supported by pads,big trap beats and rumbling kicks and sub bass..

Description: This is Track #1 from a series of 10 Raw Hip Hop tracks-contains a break style beat and rhythmic homemade samples that build and then breaks down.

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