Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 5 is a multi genre masterpiece with influences from hip hop,easy listening,randb,love music and lounge supported by the groove of 808 beats and deep bass.

Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 4 is a flavorful multi genre track with tasty EDM keys over grooving hip hop beats,hyper hats,deep bass,drops and builds...

Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 3 is an ear lifting emotional mood changer with a dynamic inspirational melody over solid trap drums and hyper hats..features special filtered drops and builds.

Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 2 contains filtered pads that lead into a bright inspiring trap tune with metalic industrial hyper drums..

Description: Trap And Bass Essentials 1 is a beautiful laid back track containing inspiring and emotional synth chords,arpeggios,big bass,lead synth hooks drops and builds

Description: Trap Pro10 is a party tune with great energy and swift impact into many musical styles..

Description: Trap Pro9 is a multi genre trap tune from edm to pop to hip hop..

Description: Trap Pro8 contains catchy hooky EDM synths with a smooth dance beat and sections where it twists into 808 beats and alternate rhythms.

Description: Trap Pro7 contains an edge of soft love music with a strong lead melody over smooth beats and the trap element of deep rich sub bass..

Description: Trap Pro6 is inspired by hip hop and chill out trap with a mood capturing special Qanun solo between deep bass with rumbled kicks,pump pads and drops.

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