Description: Certified Trap # 9 is an action packed trap track featuring the entire track put through filters along with multiple changes,intense turnarounds,parade like snare rolls and deep bass..

Description: Certified Trap # 8 is a full on trap production with a smooth catchy chord riff featuring marching live snare drops that spirals into a massive trap groove..

Description: Certified Trap # 7 is an electro type trap track that features an electro raunchy bass sound treated through various filters and then releases into a perky trap electro groove along with special effects and a trap style flex strings section.

Description: Certified Trap # 6 is a hook driven trap track starting with a mellow pad,finger snaps,pitched sub bass and a semi hook that spins into an EDM clap drop then drops into a full trap production with full hook and dynamic supporting elements..

Description: Certified Trap #5 is a 153 bpm party played in half time..this track features a siren type lead sound put through pitch machines along with additional effects,various deep sub bass patterns and wild trap drum grooves including marching drums..

Description: Certified Trap # 4 contains influences from Hip Hop,Grime and Future Bass featuring multiple layered drums including 808 over airy mysterious keys..

Description: Certified Trap # 3 features the Arabic Qanun over a mixture of Hip Hop,Trap,Grime and Future Bass.

Description: Certified Trap # 2 is a high powered trap production 172bpm played in half time containing influences from Gaming,Hip Hop,Grime,Dubstep and Future Bass..

Description: Certified Trap # 1 is a 173 bpm played in half time trap production using a monster type lead sound pitched high that builds in intensity with claps,sound effects and deep pads which then drops into major pitched down,deep sub bass grooves with variable screaming hi hat patterns along with rhythm changes,effects drops and builds..

Description: Mainstream Trap # 10 is a 160 bpm played in half time party production of high D note percussive rhythms that build and then drop changes into A notes with A# low bass creating that deep switch that intensifies the groove.

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