Description: Full of Electronic energy , a driving beat , an interesting drop lasting just enough for a fair rest back into the energy .

Description: A feel good dance track with a solid flow .

Description: A high energy live rock performance with punk rock appeal .

Description: Hi powered dance that can be considered in a few genres . Sexy male vocals , intense buildups , feel good bass lines , horns , vocal effects , very elevating .

Description: A pop Latin flavored multi genre track with piano , pads and interesting percussion .

Description: Cool fresh beats with a smooth rhythmic rhythm .

Description: A live Rock performance , this track has that teasing anticipation perfect for sex appeal .

Description: A freestyle dance track with good feeling vibes , piano , bells , moving bass line and rhythmic drums .

Description: Trap Pop Dance # 10 is a full version of smooth dance grooves with edm rhodes that builds with claps into an electro dance groove with epic trap sections-plus a great hook throughout..

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