Description: Trap Breakaway # 10 is a rich,exciting,pumping,emotional,inspiring hook driven multi genre track with big pads with edm rhythm sections and trap drops with sub bass pitch changes..

Description: A smooth inspiring tune with soothing strings and choir voices .

Description: Future Bass Trap # 9 is a full on cinematic trap production with gaming sounds,big wave table bass,a 2 part catchy synth hook,,a 2 section trap beat,anthem string synths,major drops using pitch tricks and micro editing into break beats.

Description: Trap Wavestation 10 is an 808 based track with catchy synth lines-drops,big bass and a smooth rolling trap beat.

Description: Trap Lab 10 starts with an Electro/EDM like synth line that rolls into a high tempo dramatic twist into a massive trap groove...big rumble bass,special synths,big trap drums,drops,glitch effects...

Description: A loop containing live guitars and orchestra loop .

Description: Electronic Dancehall Riddem #8 is a deep bass track with catchy tropical keys, drops, claps,builds and an all around magnetic groove..

Description: Trap Fusion 6 is an intense synth pad track with opera synth hooks,big sub bass,half time trap beats,drops and glitch effects...

Description: 808 beats under a catchy synth line,orch hits,deep pads and sub bass.

Description: Upbeat dance track with a guitar solo .

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