Description: Future Bass Trap # 8 is a multigenre epic production starting with a catchy trap synth hook that toggles in octaves over organ chords along with intense multiple synths playing various parts over tight trap drums..Instruments: mono sync,wave sequence,poly PCM,hypersonic drums,digital PCM,wave table,superior PCM and acoustic drum module.

Description: Future Bass Trap # 7 is inspired by trap,easy listening,love songs, lounge,chill out ballad,hip hop and pop r and b with gentle hip hop ballad drums,ambient melodic spacial digital air pads,phased piano and sub bass..

Description: Future Bass Trap # 6 is inspired by eighties hip hop,trap,future bass chill out and lounge with multiple layers of rhythm synth pads,choir lead voices,polyphonic ambient synths,sub bass and classic eighties claps over deep trap beats..

Description: Future Bass Trap # 5 is inspired by Trap,Future Bass,Hip Hop,Break Beat,Rock and Psychedelic funk or intense cinematic funk containing a breakbeat type intro with sustained cinematic choir voices that creep into a psychedelic funk groove along with multiple variable phasemodulation,wavetable,wave sequence,duophonic analog,digital PCM and mono anthem synths. BPM 171 played in half time..

Description: Future Bass # 4 is inspired by trap,future bass,hop hop and electronic containing duophonic,wave sequence,advance spacial and hybrid polyphonic synths over a dramatic drums production using live,fixed and 808 drums..

Description: Future Bass Trap # 3 is inspired by futurebass,trap,dubstep,hip hop and eighties pop containing heavy rhythm pads,a tube machine apreggiated hook over multilayered drums,effects,glitch sounds,drops,builds and sub bass.

Description: Future Bass Trap # 2 is inspired by trap,future bass and hip hop along with rich melodic hooks..contains big trance pads,pulsing triplet wave table bass synths and a monophonic anthem sequence lead hook line along with snare and kick trap tricks..

Description: Future Bass Trap # 1 starts with special effects while 808 drums creep in into a sub bass groove along with airy hooks,multi sequenced pads and effect treated sounds..

Description: Popular Hot Grooves # 1 Extended Version is a pop,retro funk,disco and randb based track featuring a heavy 70's and 80's bass line along with gritty synths..

Description: Popular Tropical House Grooves # 10 is inspired by the hot tropical house tracks out there,its a straight forward track with bell pads,house bass,synth pads and horns over a tropical house beat..

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