Description: TRAPgasmic # 1 is an extended full on epic Trap production mash up between multiple genres starting with airy pads that builds into EDM keys and then Tribal toms,claps and firework snares into a full on Trap section with a strong synth hook,deep bass,athem synths and deep bass..features lots of switch drops..

Description: Grime Trap # 9 starts with mysterious overtones over a pitched sub bass into a straight hard beat with fancy 808 snare multi hits,live bass,deep horns and low pitched voice effects..

Description: Grime Trap # 8 contains dance chords and a bell synth hook over a smooth grime trap beat,eclectic sounds with rapid hi hat,deep claps and rich cymbals

Description: Grime Trap # 7 contains epic anthem elements,big hook strings,a siren type effect,various synths and moving sub bass around an EDM trap type production with clap drops.

Description: Grime Trap # 5 is an epic trap production with dynamic sounds coming from multi synths especially duophonic and advanced vector synths along with sensual grime and trap beats..

Description: Grime Trap # 4 - is inspired by old school street breaks and hip hop along with Trap elements mixed up DJ style..the tempo is 160 played in half time..

Description: Grime Trap # 3 is inspired by Grime,Trap,Hip Hop,Glitch Hop featuring dramatic orchestrations around street grain raw sounds with raw pitch varied sub bass..

Description: Grime Trap # 2 this track slowly builds and builds into a massive anthem of strings,voices,piano using wave sequence,tube machines,poly PCM,duophonic analog,digital PCM,advanced spacial,acoustic,grime and trap drums,variable phase modulation,mono anthem,live organ and wave table synths..

Description: Grime Trap # 1 contains mystic sounds that vary in tones and octaves changing its mood over smooth clap based trap drums..

Description: Certified Trap # 10 is a hard hitting trap production with a catchy lead synth over classical strings,industrial drums and percussion,an EDM clap drop with major multiple edits and deep bass.

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