Description: A filtered disco track with classic live disco rhythm guitars , classic disco strings , long version available ,

Description: The Chill Pill is laid back track with sensual sounds along with 4 on the floor smashing drums

Description: Trap Jack # 8 starts with Arabic Qanun and then smashed into a swing mode bass anthem using table wave synths and working live automation to alter the speed rhythms,includes 808 drums plus live drum sounds,duophonic analog synths for pad stabs and variable phase modulation for deep fuzz sounds..

Description: Trap Twerk Beats 6 starts with a simple catchy intro into a firing beats party..all kinds of glitch effects twisting around wild..

Description: Trap Twerk Beats 4 starts with a 4 on the floor straight beat into a trap twerk party with big bass,dark siren effects,horn stabs,excited hats and percussion..

Description: Trap Twerk Beats 3 is an 808 based upbeat twerk track with pitched sub bass and glitch vox effects setting the twerk in electronic hook line that separates the featured beats..

Description: this track has that classical twist many trap songs have along with the traditional trap style beat over busy hats,drops and lead line rolling at 147 bpm half time...

Description: 808 Trap beats with live drum fills into a controlled filtered pad visiting dramatic smashing parts back into the 808 groove...

Description: 808 Trap drums with Nord effects popping around,big sub woofer bass and effects

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