Description: Tough attitude drum driven track with hard funky drums and slick fills .

Description: Horror SFX (6) has a sustained constant scary sound that rises and then releases with a suspense trail..the devil is working!

Description: Horror SFX (10) this has a sound like demons are searching for blood or sounds after death..

Description: Smooth with Bell Pads a beautiful Piano melody , no drums , orchestra stabs , bass line

Description: a simplified dance tune with a smooth bass line and driving percussion

Description: Upbeat dance track with a guitar solo .

Description: A catchy tune with a memorable melody , its a melody that sticks in the head .

Description: upbeat dance experience with guitars and an interesting organ with filtered overtones .

Description: a futuristic electronic tune with interesting technical sounds out there in another planet .

Description: An anything goes live rock performance , memorable guitars riffs .

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