Description: uk club dance track,mostly bass and percussion.

Description: uk club,us club dance track,straight bass line and percussion.

Description: soft relaxing vibe,with beautiful choir extending themselves in a dream like state.

Description: This is Track #8 from a series of 10 Trap tracks-starts with a space effect into a homemade disco sample building slowly with synths and tricks into the 808 vibe then switches to a techno flavored feel then traps away..

Description: This is track 1 of a special collection of grooves. 80's Synth & 808 style dance flavor.

Description: This is track 2 from my special collection of grooves. A full production loop with 808 beats,sfx,synth and scratches.

Description: This is track 3 from my special collection. This loop contains a variety of glitches with steady pad stabs

Description: This is track 4 from my special collection. This track has a steady beat with sustained pads and a spread out bass line.

Description: This is track 5 from my special collection. This is a groove full of various glitches,voices pattern a low horn,a simple 808 drum beat.

Description: This is track 6 from my special collection. Think Pet Shop Boys and it pretty much describes the sound. 4 on the floor,80's bass,steady voices,808 drums beats.

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