Description: This is a perky trap track with an EDM/trance edge,featuring cool organ riffs,party elements,drops and builds..

Description: This is track 13 from my special groove loops collection. Funky beat all the way with some awesome glitch sounds.

Description: Trap Dramatica # 4 starts with a cinematic pad into an eclectic EDM sensual dream like track with beautiful sounds playing sweet rhythms along with Art Of Noise pitched drums,beautiful strings,a powerful pad drop into a high energy 162 bpm rock type beat..

Description: Royal Trap # 6 starts with a 2 chord sequence along with party claps and a catchy synth hook that builds with pump string synths and spatial digital synths into a hard hitting 808 drum beats over advanced spatial digital,duophonic,hybrid analog mono and polyphonic semi modular synths.

Description: This is track 14 from my special groove loops collection. Massive loop good for any genre of music

Description: This is track 15 from my special groove collection. This loop is to use as a piece,it has hard hits and distinct sounds.

Description: Trap Fusion Psychotronic 7 is an upbeat track with catchy hooks that breaks apart into a simple sub bass trap beat and back into high intense trance like groves...

Description: Trap Jack # 1 start with mellow pad melodies into a simple break beat then tom rolls into a massive production of distorted guitars,live bass,live drums,digital PCM flute solo,wave sequence ,hybrid and duophonic synths..

Description: Top Billboard Pop Dance Grooves # 1 is a disco infused dance pop and trap-pop groove that mixes well with the current top billboard tracks..

Description: Trap Impact # 2 starts with a high energy dance beat that climbs through a high pass filter and space effect into an intense trap beat with multiple slick synth keys,big sub bass,drops and builds..

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