Description: “Diving in” is a short musical pieces which i composed and arranged that inspired from gloomy moods and somber moments.

Description: “Down That River” is a peaceful and Relaxing tune with an angels vocals that perfect to any calm and uplifting moment.

Description: “Dreamy Rhodes” is a soft melody that made by a “Spacey” Rhodes(Electric Piano) and some soft pads in the background

Description: “Driving Away From Home” Reminds me my journey when im away from home,instruments used:Piano,Strings, acoustic guitar, cymbals and a fretless Bass Gt.

Description: “Drums Of War” includes a a big flute that plays an heroic melody with a huge drum beat in the background, this conjures up images of a victory in war! Can you imagine it when you hear it ?

Description: "Bad News" is the ideal track for any dramatic news and specials announcements

Description: “Epic War Trailer” war is coming !! take cover !! This epic track was especially designed for moveis,trailers & games.

Description: “Folk Ukulele Song” is a very cheerful,happy,cute and light melody with a nice real Ukulele,Banjo,and Acoustic Guitars groove that just makes u smile.

Description: “Deep In The Hole” have a really dark and deep sound with a special low beat and string arraignment,ideal for a sad and a hopeless scenes

Description: “Funky Town” is a cool and Funky Short muscial passage sound like a track form the seventies.

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