Description: “Epic War Trailer” war is coming !! take cover !! This epic track was especially designed for moveis,trailers & games.

Description: “A Sunny Day” This sentimental track has a very calm and optimistic charm. Enjoy And Thank Your For Listening

Description: “Blue Sky” Is a peaceful soft cool and bright melody with a driving beat in the background

Description: "An Uplifting Day" is a soft and bright/uplifting track with nice and smooth Mandolin riff & acoustic guitars, for a nice and special day where your mood is positive and outward looking,can used on commercials, TV ads, podcasts and presentations and more

Description: “Funky Spy” is a retro funky spy theme ideal for any investigative, comic and fun, dark humor with muted guitars and percussions.

Description: Join me to this 6:48 Min of a musical adventure/soundtrack which starts with this gentle piano melody and grows slowly to be this big Pop/Rock music theme ! so would you take this Long Journey Home with me...? if you do I Hope you will enjoy it…

Description: Endless Landscape is a heartwarming Positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo and into a big buildup with big drum sound at the end.. Includes three Verions: Endless Landscape Full version 2:30 Endless Landscape Mid version 2:00 Endless Landscape Short version 1:30

Description: "Funny Sunny Day” is a Positive ,sweet little melody for a nice and sweet ads,commercials,podcasts,perfect for a corporate use, montage videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations and more.

Description: “The House Of Fear ” is a dark,deep and dissonance horror piano melody.

Description: “French Jazz FreeStyle” is a cool jazz guitar improvisation in a french jazz style

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