Description: "A New Day” (Corporation Track)This track has a great uplifting and joyful mood with very optimistic vibe.

Description: 3:00 Am is a short musical pieces which i composed and arranged that inspired from gloomy moods and somber moments.

Description: “A Sunny Day” This sentimental track has a very calm and optimistic charm. Enjoy And Thank Your For Listening

Description: This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also have a very threatening atmosphere, you can fit it to any prison or any dreadful scene.

Description: "Back To Prison Ver 2"-This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also has a very threatening atmosphere,you can fit it to any prison, or any dreadful scene. Enjoy it and don’t be scared, its only music..

Description: "Bright Morning"is a soft and bright track with a nice acoustic guitars and cool ukulele strumming,for a nice and special morning.

Description: “Bright Sky” is a calm and a relaxing track.

Description: “Desert Lane” played by an arbic flute, with floating pads. Ethereal, spiritual, foreign and exotic. Mountains and deserts, Eastern/Oriental landscapes and scenery. Good for travel/exploration, culture/history, film/drama, documentary/adventure and much more

Description: “Down That River” is a peaceful and Relaxing tune with an angels vocals that perfect to any calm and uplifting moment.

Description: “Dreamy Rhodes” is a soft melody that made by a “Spacey” Rhodes(Electric Piano) and some soft pads in the background

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