Description: The Apocalypse! The End Of The World. ideal for trailers

Description: This track has a very dark & scary theme, it also have a very threatening atmosphere, you can fit it to any prison or any dreadful scene.

Description: Dark and Violent Orchestral Track appropriate for teaser trailers in the style of Prometheus, Alien and many horrors. The tracks escalates form this gate SoundFx to very Big cinematic orchestra.

Description: "Dead City" is an electronic cinematic track with industrial downtempo dark and twisted mood,Perfect for dark,aggressive and mysterious scenes 

Description: “The Man Inside” – The Realm of Darkness closes in! A scary haunting track blending elements of Horror, thriller and suspense music with a big drums. Great for a blockbuster horror film, or a cool horror,scary movie trailers and epic war productions!

Description: A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly slightly discordant with woodwinds phrases and cold viola melody to ratchet up the perfect horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect horror atmospheres.

Description: 'Organic Fear' is a dark, deep, dissonance and horror track.

Description: Mysterious, exotic and delving into the unknown.Slow and solemn ambient piece synths pad layers and beautiful cello solo in the second part with a dreamy effects. Very mournful, sad, mysterious and yet dreamy, reflective, and meditative. Good for adult dramas, nature documentaries, sci-fi, mysteries, science, goth, dark fantasy and more.

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