Description: Rocky Balboa meets The Fighter. This inspirational instrumental can portray any uplifting story of self-empowerment. A fighter meets his nemesis or a battalion preps for war. Low strings, percussion and synth sounds compliment the strings in this epic drama. Great for video games.

Description: Action Packed And Rocking Cinematic Patriotic Composition

Description: Action Packed And Rocking Cinematic Patriotic Composition

Description: A street scene in Milan will be perfect with this track featuring a mandoline and accordion. Or imagine a gondola floating down a canal in Venice. Violin and light percussion add drama from 0:35 to the end. Great for streaming in Italian restaurants, phone on-hold, or travel features.

Description: Simple piano and bells. Imagine a child playing in the play room or kids at recess or just a baby in a cradle.

Description: Foreboding sense that will scare the living daylights out of you! Scratching atonal strings build with the help of bells and percussion to replicate the ticking of a clock. Sampled voices provide the climax at 1:13. Great for gory dramas, ghost stories, or psycho scenes. Sure to cause nightmares!

Description: Continuous building of energy throughout this instrumental as strings, winds and brass repeat the melodic motif in various registers. Full orchestration at 1:07 with plenty of opportunities for voice overs. Bold ending with no fading. Perfect for dramatic scenes needing movement and build.

Description: An intriguing brass beginning leads into a beautiful and sweeping climatic part at the end.

Description: A modern hip hopish corporate track.

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