Description: Funky, comedy rock with energetic (kind of like mexican) guitar hits and solos. Imagine a platform game where you play a guy with over-scaled head, hitting hobos with a baseball bat.

Description: Easy listening, motivating and positive orchestral piece, which can be used as background music for promo videos, games and films.

Description: This track features keyboard strings, pizzicato cellos and violins, french horns, trombones, background percussion, flutes, and echoed pianos.

Description: Soothing electronic sounds comforted by delayed electro beats, drums, and strings that create a distant, like of space, melodies.

Description: A mix of soft rock and electronic music might have done that. It starts of quickly and rhythmically. Guitars as well as synth basses gives it a sort of Space feeling to it, with a very positive outcome through out the whole track.

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