Description: The king's domain is prospering, the castle yard is crowded with ladies, nobel knights, traders, jokers, the market is full of customers, the peasants are happy with the harvest, the life is flowing smoothly and calmly. This beautiful relaxed medieval folk loop is a great background for a computer game, website, podcast, or thematical video presentation.

Description: A funny acoustic loop, suitable for any kind of funny video or childrens game, party, slapstick comedy, etc.

Description: This country/western acoustic guitar loop is inspired by western/gangster movies and may be suitable for any film, video or advertisement on similar topics.

Description: Energetic and funny loop suitable for any film, video, computer game, children's game or party, comedy etc.

Description: A simple yet energetic and catchy western/country style acoustic guitar melody. Will fit any road movie, western, family movie or advertisement. Perfect cover for a car/bus/bike driving sequence.

Description: A soothing ambient music to use as a background carpet for website or video.

Description: This nice sentimental acoustic loop has been inspired by some of my teenage and childhood years when I was young, careless and free and had all the time in the world!

Description: A slow meditative music loop with classical instruments and modern drums is a good background for hip-hop song, meditation, film or video. The tune describes a lonesome human mind and soul travelling through time and space.

Description: A sweet romantic Western acoustic guitar loop made to create an atmosphere of coziness, a feeling of happy ending when heroes are coming home after a long trip full of adventures.

Description: Intense and energetic trance loop for your projects. Fits as a game or advertisement background.

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