Description: A slow touching song with a beautiful music-box style melody.

Description: An upbeat and uplifting instrumental song about gathering the strength to move on out of darkness.

Description: Mysterious piece that picks up into an up-tempo action romp.

Description: An energetic romp of a piece that could score battles or an intense confrontation.

Description: A sad but majestic piece suitable for the death of a king or hero or a scene of resolution and hope.

Description: A sad piano driven piece that could be used to score a parting or passing away.

Description: A heavily Eastern-influenced piece with a triumphant and majestic theme as well as powerful backing rhythms.

Description: A very fast-paced Japanese-flavored piece great for a chase or fight scene.

Description: A light but powerful and poppy piece using Japanese instrumentation.

Description: An intense cinematic piece down in the style of Hans Zimmer filled with style twists and turns. Perfect for a battle or cinematic trailer.

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