Description: A battle is on the horizon. Prepare for war! A film score track in the style of Hans Zimmer.

Description: A beautifully written intense action piece in the style of Hans Zimmer. Check this one out!

Description: A massive choral track suitable for a huge battle or a final confrontation between mortal foes!

Description: An intense track that invokes the feeling of being chased. Suitable for a car or foot chase or any scene in which the suspense and excitement is being ratcheted up.

Description: A big bad guitar-driven action track. Great for a fight scene or a scene where the bad guy rules the day.

Description: A fast-paced intense action/battle scene that continuously grows in suspense.

Description: An exciting and suspenseful cue for an action/chase scene. Fully orchestrated with lots of electronic rhythms to keep up the intensity.

Description: A fast-paced action sequence suitable for fights or chase scenes.

Description: An orchestrated piece for an intense fight scene, battle, or preparations for war!

Description: A fast-paced Chinese-influenced piece suitable for action.

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