Description: Energetic R&B/pop song with driving beat and smooth melody. Perfect for film, television or video games.

Description: Boss beat with cinematic feel. Great strings and rhythm.

by TRoyBeats | mp3 | 2:39 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Modern and Urban Contemporary

Description: New Age Music for film score, mixtape

Description: soul,R&B,Trap,RNB,Music,Lovesong,babymaking,piano,chords,

Description: a great R&B soul feel good

Description: New West coast hip hop. Sounds like summer time at Venice Beach, California.

Description: Soul, R&B, Rhythm and Blues, Electronic, Film, Dramatic, Mellow, Dance, Smooth

Description: Smooth RnB song with heavy beat and cheerful, tropical instrumentation.

Description: Mysterious, majestic, electronic track with a dance feel. Great beat and smooth melodies. Night music.

Description: This one is a track i did for a film score of mx tape

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